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ToBP (Transcultural Open Badge Platform for Migrant’s Transition Mentoring in EARLY LIFE FAMILY CARE) focuses
on non-recognition of foreign qualifications and prior learning as the central migration issue of the new century
in all post-industrial societies (UN 2016). It introduces a newly started EU-Strategic Partnership for setting up
new standards for skill recognition of migrants in the field of Early Life Family Care (ELFC), using open badges as
a flexible but perceivable recognition system, with the aim of creating a new job profile called Transition Mentor.
The project spans over 3 years from September 2018 to August 2021 and will take place in five different European
countries: Austria, Finland, Germany, Kosovo and Switzerland. In each country, Higher Education Institutions and
Research Organizations are going to collaborate with a local, small and/or social enterprise, either in the field of
ELFC, IT-Technology or Social Welfare and Networking.
„Cognition precedes recognition“ (Erkennen geht dem Anerkennen voraus). With this statement in mind, the
project seeks to tackle transition barriers and skill-mismatches faced by the migrants as early as possible in order
to foster a more inclusive society and cohesive Europe.
Migrants and refugees in the ELFC sector are in a unique situation, since they are going through two transitions
simultaneously: both arriving in their new target country, and entering parenthood. With growing mass migra-
tion, the amount of pregnant migrant women arriving in Europe is increasing and with it, their heightened vul-
nerability is becoming more apparent. In the ELFC-sector in its current state there is, on one hand, a clear skill
shortage in transcultural, cultural-sensitive knowledge and on the other hand, a lot of unused potential – that of
the migrants and refugees themselves. In order to gain access to this unused potential, the project sees a para-
digm shift necessary: by using Participatory Action Research (PAR), we will develop Transcultural Case Studies
and Learning Scenarios out of the real (working) life, based on the permanent cooperation of the target group:
Migrants/refugees as ‘experts of their own cases’. PAR means co-creation, giving normally marginalized groups
an active role and voice to ensure – in our case: successful “transitioning” processes.
Our main outcome will be a Transcultural Open Badge Platform (TObP), an open virtual recognition, validation
and educational space to educate future Transition Mentors in the field of ELFC. A “Transition Mentor” is sup-
porting migrant families in their double-layered transitions. The envisaged transition mentoring (as early as pos-
sible in ELFC and as creditable as equitable in EDUCATION) bridges the culture of migrant’s origin with the host
countries through competence and capacity building right at the conflicting transition points. With that purpose
TObP enables a successful transition between immigration and education (for the children) and between educa-
tion and labor market (for the adults).
Especially with our interactive Inventory of Transcultural Transition Cases we provide the opportunity for HEI and
VET professionals to use and store developed teaching cases. The establishment of a European Social Network
on Transition Mentoring completes the actions and guarantees sustainability. The project’s innovative approach
coupled with newly developed open recognition technology will result in long term benefits for marginalized
groups in Europe and helps to strengthen social cohesion through transnational validation of migrant’s
knowledge, competences and transition skills. Figuratively speaking TObP will provide a so-called
TransReCOLand, enabling barrier-free Transitions, providing RECOvery and outlining RECOgnition for targeted
groups, ranging from pregnant women, mothers, fathers, babies, toddlers to aspiring Transition Mentors.
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